- Virtual Geocaching

Hide virtual messages outdoors

Send friends on a Pokémon Go like treasure hunt to view your messages. Hide single messages or link many together. Create virtual geocaching, scavenger hunts and treasure hunts. As quick and easy as texting!

Family activity

Get kids out the door. Use technology as bridge between screen time and fun, healthy activities outdoors. Hide exciting treasures close to home.

Education tool

Allow students to experience nature and learn about geography, mapping skills and teamwork while having great fun. Hide challenging assignments.

Fun with friends

Flirt! Hide a love note. Stash a fun photo outside your friend's home. Create a party quiz.

Create and hide using iPhone/iPad
Find using any Smartphone

It's this easy


...hide a message for your friend using the app's three simple steps

Your friend...

...learns right away they have a hidden message waiting. To read it, he/she must find where X marks the spot!

How it works

You use the Xnote app on an iPhone/iPad to create a hidden message. The app is then used to send the message (in the form of a link) using SMS/email/facebook/twitter or any other service, to your friend.

Your friend receives the message and is instructed to follow the link. Since his/her web browser is used to show the instructions and treasure map, any iPhone, iPad 3G/4G, Android or Windows Smartphone can be used to find the hidden message. No app and no login needed, it's a cinch :-)

Start by sending a message to yourself!

Have fun with your friends!

- Hide a note for your sweetheart at the site of your first kiss.
- Surprise someone overseas with a photo hidden at a favorite spot or in their own backyard, just as if you were actually there...
- Create simple games to enhance a party or a picnic. Add clues in a hidden message that lead to candy or prizes stashed nearby (like a private geocache).
- Send privately using SMS or Facebook message, or let other inquisitive friends join the fun by sharing on someone's Facebook wall.

Get creative! Create Quiz Walks, Tours and Scavenger Hunts

Anyone wishing to be more advanced can easily create quiz walks, tours and scavenger hunts.
- Great as activity for visitors to a location or an event!
- Share your treasure hunt by simply posting the link to it on Facebook, your blog or website. Send it using email, sms or create a physical poster with QR code and a URL.

"AWESOME!! We created a treasure hunt for 4 teams, worked beautifully. Each team included kids, at least one hung-over adult and a dog. Since the route doubled-back on itself a lot, we kept bumping into each other, which was very amusing. Great way to keep kids amused - especially those who won't put their mobiles down. I think it's brilliant!"
Dr Lesley Sloss, UK

Tool for Educational Technology (EdTech) Professionals

Xnote has been well received by EdTech instructors. The app was rated 4+ out of 5 by Skolappar.nu, Sweden's leading reviewer of pedagogical apps for education where teachers review apps and link usage to the national curriculum.
Xnote can create opportunities for students to work with maps and practice navigation and understanding of spatial relations. Students can be sent on virtual geocaching outdoors and solve assignments relating to exploring nature. This teaches communication, cooperation, the value of an active outdoor life and many other things while learning through play in outdoor environments.
Combine the use of Smartphones (or tablets with GPS) and healthy outdoor activities in a creative way!

Market your Company or Event

Fresh, fun marketing for your company or event using Facebook, Twitter, Email or the web. Create activities such as tours, quiz walks and scavenger hunts for your visitors.
Read about "Xnote for Businesses" and commercial usage.

Android and others